About Us

Since being founded in 2001, Shooting Star has been living up to its motto “Innovation And Quality. By Design.” by focusing on the development of new and innovative products

• The company may be best known for introducing the first predesigned nail tips created specifically for professional salon use, bringing “Smart Nail Art” to nail techs around the world with its “Designer French Tips®”.

This professional-only system was introduced with Shooting Star’s “Work Smart” marketing campaign, which focused heavily on educating techs on how to increase their profits and the improve the quality of their finished product in the same, or less, time as applying plain extensions. Up until this time, professional nail art was limited to time consuming hand brushwork or airbrushing. Shooting Star, quite literally, re-invented the category.

With more than 100 original creations, “Designer French Tips® offer near endless possibilities for stunning nail art that also maximizes profit for nail techs.

• Shooting Star then extended its “Work Smart™” concept with “Super Nova® Glitter Tips”, the industry’s very first glitter tip.

Shooting Star’s invention of this brand new product allowed nail techs to duplicate the dramatic effect of glitter acrylic/gel extensions while working exclusively with clear overlays – getting perfect smile lines each and every time, and no glittery mess to clean up.

• “Multi-Pro™ Nail Spa, another industry-first, was created by Shooting Star to solve the problems associated with stubborn soak-off gel removal, as well as providing a luxurious soaking, cleaning and exfoliation experience. This unique device soaks and removes gel with a gentle scrubbing action and eliminates the need for using metal tools. “Multi Pro™ Nail Spa” is the safest and most effective method for removing soak-off gels.

• “Beadz-It™ Nail Art Pen”, the company’s latest new product, is a one of a kind tool for the application of decorative beads. “Beadz-It™” holds 3,500 premium quality metal beads and releases beads one at a time at the touch of a button. “Beadz-It” brings speed and precision to what was once a tedious and cumbersome process.

Shooting Star remains dedicated to providing the nail industry with innovative products utilizing extensive research, original designs, the highest quality materials, exacting manufacturing processes, superior quality control and impeccable service for our end users and business partners.

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