Nail Spa™


✹ Soothing Massage
✹ Cleans and Exfoliates
✹ Speeds Removal of Gels And Acrylics

What is Multi-Pro™ Nail Spa™ ?

Multi-Pro™ Nail Spa™ is a new and innovative piece of salon equipment designed to let nail professionals offer a more luxurious and more effective salon experience for their clientele. Multi-Pro™ Nail Spa™ takes soaking and gel removal to a new level.

Multi-Pro™ Nail Spa™ Features

✹ Soothing Fingertip Massage While Soaking
✹ Superior Cleansing and Exfoliation
✹ Easier Removal of Soak-Off Gel And Acrylic
✹ Soft Touch Rotating Brush
✹ Easy Brush & Container Removal For Sanitizing
✹ Safe, Low-Voltage, Energy Efficient Design
✹ 100V-240V Universal Power Supply
✹ An Upscale Salon Experience

Price: $88.00

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Multi-Pro Nail Spa

Multi-Pro Nail Spa

Soak-Off Gel Removal Demo

Artificial Nail Removal Demo

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